Our sports programme is designed without limitations. We aim to give our beneficiaries the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential by offering a comprehensive range of activities while also striving for excellence in each sport.

In addition to sport classes, we also focus on strength training, coordination and mental health activities.


Sport classes alone are not enough to significantly extend the life expectancy of our beneficiaries. This is why we’ve developed a well thought out nutrition programme to help our community, giving them the support and guidance they need to make significant healthy lifestyle changes.

We also run regular cooking and food prep lessons to teach our families how to prepare these meals nutritiously and easily.


FAMILY Love 21’s focus on family sets us apart. Our parent beneficiaries play a huge role in our classes and out. Family support and care for their kids is uplifting and as a charity we do all we can to support them as well as their children.

We offer specialty classes for parents only and also allow parental participation in a large number of our sport and healthy lifestyle classes.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is an extremely important one for Hong Kong. Reason being that our beneficiaries, the Down syndrome and autistic community, are rarely seen and often misunderstood.

Your employees will not only learn about our beneficiary’s amazing ability in sport, but also about their greatest ability in bringing the best out of people.

If you’d like to learn more about our unique CSR Programme, please contact our Founder/CEO at jeff@love21foundation.com